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Why are we surprised?

March 5, 2016

Everyone, but especially the GOP elite, seem to be taken back with complete stunned shock over the recent rise of the Donald in the primaries.  But isn’t this something that most of us have seen coming, and indeed, hoped for, over many decades of shoving failed candidates down our throats? Didn’t the rise of the Tea Party movement harken this rise of “we the people” over the party elites?  We wanted to dismantle the status quo political system from the bottom up, but it takes so long with these ingrained lobbyists, political hacks and cronies.

The current rise of the Trump phenomena has more of a top-down takeover feel to it.  Finally, someone who didn’t need their power structure, money, bad advice, backing, and blessing!  Mind, Donald Trump is not my first choice in a candidate, not even my second.  But it’s wildly amusing to see the GOP establishment implode over someone they can’t control and is not the candidate they want us to want. And, I want us, we the people, to win.  I’m tired of holding my nose for a candidate I don’t really want, and then seeing them lose. Do I like everything Donald Trump says?  No.  Do I agree with most everything he says…yes, resoundingly yes. But, I could hold my nose for him because I think he can win.

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not a “low information voter”.  I’m well educated and well informed……especially around the current state of government, politics, and the crushing of America over the last 20 years.  I want America to be great again….what is wrong with that?  I want to us to be strong again, and looked up to…and yes, feared, by the world communities. I want us to be seen again by our allies as someone they can count on in good times and bad, not someone who turns their back.

Why would the GOP put out someone like Mitt Romeny to deliver a message thinking that we would fall for that joke again? Why does the GOP think that I even care if the party as we know it implodes and blows up?  Sometimes disruption is a good thing.  Someone recently said on TV (maybe Newt Gingrich?) that what we are witnessing is a peaceful revolution.  Bring it on.

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