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Upside down America

July 26, 2015

Are you, like me, beginning to feel like you just entered a fun house that made the Mad Hatter tea party look sane?  Cats and dogs are singing and dancing together, men laying with men, women laying with women, men who are pretending to be women, whites foisting themselves off as black, radicimagesal extremist terrorists who behead people demand our tolerance…..what in the Sam Hill is going on?
Over the last few months, either Bill or I have been approached by extreme socialist, communist lefties from our town who have in the past been our mortal enemies, but who now want to be “friends”, bury the hatchet, or apologize for any real or perceived past transgressions.  This includes our card-carrying Communist neighbor who once called me an “ankle biting poodle” in the local communist weekly journal, the aging statist we’ll simply refer to as “Stinky” (I’m sure you know who I mean!) and the rabid socialist up the road who tried to scare everyone in Gardiner by telling them that if Bill were elected to office the town would be taken over by tea-party radicals comparable to Sarah Palin (I wish!)  Is this really a sea change that all of these folks have changed their tunes and now want to be our friends?

I smell a rat, and it’s even worse than “Stinky”.  I’m not sure which way the Trojan Horse will be riding in from, or who will be riding it, but I’m sure it won’t be Paul Revere.  Stay alert, and keep your Constitution close, you’ll need it for the upcoming onslaught.

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  1. Art76 permalink
    July 26, 2015 4:56 pm

    Way 2 go Pam. Good luck with your blog.

    Ever notice how the lefties dress up issues with good sounding words. Words like queer must be replaced by something positive (gay used to be a girls name in the bod old days. They even engraved christening mugs with “the child born on the sabbath day is bonnie, blythe, good, and gay).

    Then they have replaced communist with democrat. Communists were once thought to be the anthisis of what America stood for. But give them some new clothes and they are just fine human beings expressing their own opinion.

    My favorite is “politically correct”. A nice term for what is really the disgusting practice of shaming anyone who does not tow the “intellectual” line. A more apt term is brainwashing.

    How bout the Confederate flag. They will be after the US flag and the founders as racist one of these days. It sounds so preposterous as to be ludicrous, but there u are. This country fought a civil war to end slavery, not just for black people. Yet the politically correct position is that the vast majority of whites who helped end slavery owe reparations to blacks (even if said black person is an illegial alien (sorry, undocumented worker).

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