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Where art thou NYS AG when you need him?

February 1, 2015

Maybe it’s me, but I just got a newsy email from our NYS AG Schneiderman with many choice bits about how he’s looking after New Yorkers, fighting crime, tracking down scammers, ferreting out phony contractors, etc., etc.  Maybe it’s me, but there’s something missing here.  That’s right, not ONE WORD about the arrest of Shelly Silver, and possible investigation of other so-called legislative leaders in Albany.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t keeping New York citizens safe from graft, corruption and amoral behavior be one of the top responsibilities of our AG?  So, I guess in his extreme on-the-lookout zeal in uprooting scammers and crooks, the biggest and most obvious in the room weren’t on his radar?  And, not even a comment from his office that I can find.

Maybe all of this was not news to the AG, but he felt it would be better handled by the Feds, so that he could keep his hands clean?  So, exactly where was the AG when all of this corruption was happening right under his nose?  Anyone?  Buehler?  Buehler?

So, in this newsletter, he took time to warn us of Lottery scammers, and even to wish Lorretta Lynch good luck in her upcoming congressional hearing.  He mentions those nasty banks, who try to keep low-income New Yorkers from opening bank accounts, but not a peep about the “three men in a room”, one of whom is looking at a hundred years jail time.  He’s right on top of warning banks, mortgage providers and utilities to not hand out late fees for customers on LI after mails delivery was shut down due to last week’s storm, but eerily silent on open corruption in the capitol building.

But no need to push TORT reform in Albany, so that all of those nice lawyers can assist mesothelioma victims in getting their share of loot from companies forced to pay up or else.  Sometime silence speaks loudly and in this case, it screams that very possibly, at best Mr. Schneiderman is not doing his job, and I’ll leave the other ramifications to your imagination.

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