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Giving a hand…..

December 15, 2014

I recently received a piece of mail that astonished me. First, it was from new Senate elect Tom Cotton from Alabama, who isn’t even my Senator!  More astonishing, it was a letter simply thanking me for my past support of Heritage Foundation where Sen. Cotton had once interned, and that he continues to use as a valuable source for research. The most astounding thing…there was no additional request for funds…simply a sincere thank you!

That got me thinking that I should pass this idea forward.  If you’re like me, I have enough “stuff” in this world, and really don’t need any more.  If you can give up one gizmo or gadget this Christmas, ask the gift giver to make a year-end donation to one of your favorite charities in your name, and the gift will mean so much more.  Here are some of the charities that I support year round with as much as I can afford:

  • Heritage Foundation
  • Salvation Army (money goes to local chapters in your county)
  • USO (they do more than entertain – they provide free phone and video’s to servicemen at airports)
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Robert Morris Foundation (Monticello College)
  • Property Rights Foundation of America
  • Hillsdale College
  • Hannaford “Helping Hands” food pantry donations
  • My two local fire companies – Gardiner and Shawangunk Valley

As you think about where you can give and make a difference, remember that de Tocqueville found all of the the “associations” and groups in America that were not funded by the government, but privately, to be one of the most unique things about us as a people.  He was astonished at the hundreds, no thousands, of private groups, clubs, associations, guilds and foundations that served as the life line and support for so many Americans, shaping our culture and way of life. When you think of this endless list (Boy and Girl Scouts, Y’s, Welcome Wagon, Elks, Lions etc.) remember that they take the place of what the “government” does to support us physically, financially and emotional, and be sure to give them your support in return.  It’s what makes us uniquely American.

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