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No need to tell the truth….

September 6, 2014

Here are some bullet points from the Gardiner Democrat supported candidates website, promises that they made when last campaigning:

  • Limit town tax burden on Gardiner property owners.
  • Develop responsible budgets based on the real needs of the community.


Just when you are getting over the shock of opening your school tax bill, you still have the town fiscal budget to look forward to.  Government agencies are mandated to keep yearly budget increases to a maximum of 2%.  At this past Gardiner Town Board meeting, Democrat highway superintendent Brian Sticia (yes, one of the ones that made the above promises) reviewed his preliminary highway department budget for fiscal 2015.  The department purchased three new big trucks last year adding massively to the towns growing debt. Brian’s want list this year includes replacing a 2002 truck with a newer, bigger one plus plow for $35,000.   He also mentioned replacing the truck he is currently driving.  He also mentioned the need for some piece of new equipment that could be used to clean off the sidewalks….


he didn’t mean to say that, it just slipped out.  And Supervisor Czar Zatz deftly and swiftly pointed out that Brian didn’t really mean “clean” the sidewalks, as that’s not the responsibility of the highway department.

Just the items he included came to an increase of about 28% in the highway budget.  It did not include an estimated $400,000 that must be spent to replace the little used Clove Road bridge.

A bit later in the meeting, there was a discussion on how to reduce the budget while keeping the increase limited to 2%.  Yes, correct that his conversation doesn’t seem to jive with the highway budget, but I guess Brian Sticia didn’t get the memo.  But, actually, since it’s already been explored among the 4 Democrat supported town board members, that they could form a super-majority 4-1, and over ride the 2% limit mandate anyway.  And basically make the increase whatever they wanted.  So, when you hear these four (Zatz, Wiegand, Reynolds and Dukler) speaking about the 2% limit, understand that is simply happy talk on their part, and they have no intention of actually keeping spending low.


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