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Communism continues it’s assault on Liberty…

March 30, 2014

Mich_bridgeandau_USAAt dawn, on November 4, 1956, Russian communism showed its true character to the word.  With a ferocity and barbarism unmatched in recent history, it moved its brutal tanks against a defenseless population seeking escape from the terrors of communism, and destroyed it.

A city whose only offense was that it sought a decent life was shot to pieces.  Dedicated Hungarian communists who had deviated slightly from the true Russian line were shot down ruthlessly and hunted from house to house.  Even workers, on whom communism is supposed to be build, were rounded up like animals and shipped in sealed goods-vans to the USSR.  A satellite country which had dared to question Russian domination was annihilated.  After what the Russians did to Hungary, after their destruction of a magnificent city, and after their treatment of fellow communists, the world need no longer have even the slimmest doubt as to what Russia’s intentions are.  Hungary has laid bare the great Russian lie.  In Hungary,Russia demonstrated that her programme is simple.  Infiltrate a target nation (as she did in Lithuania and Poland); and then destroy the nation completely if the least sign if independence shows itself.  This final step in the Russian plan is what took place in Hungary.

From this point on it is difficult to imagine native-born communists in Italy or France…or England or America….trusting blindly that if they join the Russian orbit their fate will be any different.  At the first invitation from some dissident communist group inside the nation, Russian tanks will ride in,destroy the capital city, terrorize the population, and deport to slave-labor camps in Central Asia most of the local communist leaders who organized the communist regime in the first place.

In this book I propose to tell the story of a terror so complete as to be deadening to the senses.  I shall have to relate the details of a planned bestiality that is revolting to the human mind, but I do so in order to remind myself and free men everywhere that there is no hope for any nation or group that allows itself to be swept into the orbit of international communism.  There can be only one outcome:  terror and the loss of every freedom.

That Budapest was destroyed by Russian tanks is tragic; but a greater tragedy had already occurred:  the destruction of human decency.  In the pages that follow, the people of Hungary- many of them communists – will relate what Russian communism really means.- Forward from The Bridge at Andau by James Mitchner

“……the world need no longer have even the slimmest doubt as to what Russia’s intentions are. Hungary has laid bare the great Russian lie.”  The great Russian lie that has been aided along by American communists in high places since before WWII.  If you think we won the Cold War, or that the evils of communism are fictions, or that the relations with an evil empire can somehow be “reset”, then you are blindly swallowing another big lie.  What is happening in Crimea and the Ukraine are simply continuations of the immoral communist global takeover and our so-called leaders are aiding and abetting in the Big Lie. Wake up America.

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