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Obamacare Scare at Town Hall

March 8, 2014


After the annual organizational meeting, the most boring town board meeting hands down is where the kindly insurance agent comes in with his powerpoint presentation showing the board exactly what their insurance coverage costs will be for the upcoming year.  You can usually expect the regular 2-5% increase (it never ever goes down!), but wait……what is he saying now?  That because of Obamacare, the policy that the town carries now is being dropped, and what used to be hundreds of other options have now been pared back to maybe a couple dozen or so! Oh no…he’s explaining that each of the new options, with much the same type of coverage the town enjoys now, will have premium increases of what looks to be about 70% across the board.  And worse….these all have much higher deductables than the current policy!  What will the poor town employees do?  How will they ever be able to pay these increases in premiums and endure higher deductables?

But wait….the town supervisor is speaking, and he doesn’t seem worried at all!  That’s because the town employees won’t have to worry about paying more…YOU WILL!  That’s right, the Town of Gardiner not only subsidizes 100% of the employee premium, they also pay for 100% of the employee’s family premiums.  On top of that, the town reimburses the employees for anything they or their families have to pay as part of the deductable!  Whew….so no one need worry or care that the cost’s have skyrocketed so much…except the poor saps, us taxpayers, who will pick up 100% of the bill.  I offered a comment that the town seemed to be crazy generous when it came to doling out health care benefits, and for once, the town supervisor agreed with me.  Maybe when the board sits down to build the 2015 budget, and wrings their hands over where to cut, they can start with the insanely generous health care subsidies for town employees…starting with the town supervisor himself.

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