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Gardiner Democrat Party Lies need Sunshine

November 24, 2013

free-media_box_of_liesThe election is over, and I’m done with being nice…well, everything is relative.  For years, the Gardiner Democratic Party has been coming out with a fictional list of their “accomplishments” that at best strain the truth and in reality are nothing more than deliberate lies.  Shall I take you through the list and debunk these lies for you?  I’ll take a trip over to the Gardiner Democratic Party website, and we’ll click on the bullet list of “Our Accomplishments”.

# 1 Secured state and federal funding to build sidewalks, new lighting, and improve the Rail Trail

This was federal stimulus money that came directly through the NYS DOT.  It is YOUR tax dollars paying for this travesty, that benefits a handful of citizens, including Carl Zatz, who runs his Enthusiatic B&B upstairs over the wine store on main street.  Laurie Willow also owns several properties on Main Street that were improved using your tax money.  So, yes, they did feed at the government trough to benefit themselves, but this project, which was approved by the Town Board (2 Democrats, 2 NOP, 1 Republican), it had nothing to do with Laurie Willow, David Dukler or the Gardiner Democratic Party. 

#2 Rebuilt the Town’s Transfer Station

The rebuilding of the town Transfer station was because of the fire there making it unsafe, and the town received insurance funding to rebuild.  This project, which was approved by the Town Board (2 Democrats, 2 NOP, 1 Republican), had nothing to do personally with Carl Zatz, Laurie Willow, David Dukler or the Gardiner Democratic Party directly.

#3 Replaced three aged unsafe Highway Department trucks with three large new trucks

The trucks became aged and unsafe during the reign and oversight of the last three Democratic town supervisors.  The newly elected Democrat Highway Superintendent was an employee of the highway department the entire time these trucks were becoming aged and unsafe, and probably was intimately familiar with them, but never came out to a town hall meeting to make anyone aware of the problem.  This purchase, which was approved by the Town Board (2 Democrats, 2 NOP, 1 Republican), had nothing to do personally with Carl Zatz, Laurie Willow, David Dukler, Brian Sticia or the Gardiner Democratic Party directly. 

#4 Kept Gardiner’s property taxes among the lowest in the county & 

#5 Maintained the town’s financial reserves to protect against a severe recession

These “facts” needs some background….as Gardiner in the pre Democrat rule always had the lowest taxes in Ulster County, but not anymore.  So, this statement is true, but in fact while Democrats have been at the helm, Gardiners budgets and spending have gone up every year, the reserve funds continue to dwindle, and Gardiner has more debt than it every did with any non-Democrat supervisor.  The fiscal picture in Gardiner is getting worse, not better.

#6 Protected the Kiernan Farm and the Hess Farm from development

Baloney.  There was a small committee that raised private funds for the Kiernan Farm effort, unrelated to the Town of Gardiner, consisting of me, Pam O’Dell (C), Mike Boylen (R) Gayle Foster (R), Warren Wiegand (NOP) Greg Finger and Ray Smith (both D) and led by Rich Koenig (NOP). As a member of this group I purchased donation cans, and arranged to have them put in various public places and business around town, and I made a number of videos for YOUTUBE to assist in raising the $50,000.  This effort, had nothing to do directly with Carl Zatz, Laurie Willow, David Dukler, Brian Sticia or the Gardiner Democratic Party. I was not involved in the Hess effort, but I dare say none of the above were either. 

#7 Built a new activities barn in Majestic Park for the young children at the summer day camp

Ok, this was the biggest BS whopper of them all…..I should have listed this one first but I hope you are still with me.  The pole barn building in Majestic Park  was NOT, I repeat NOT….built by Carl Zatz, Laurie Will, David Dukler, Brian Sticia or the Gardiner Democratic Party!  The building was privately purchased and donated to the town by a long time Republican family, who wished to remain un-named, but we know who they are.  Many local people volunteered their time and effort to getting the building in order for use.  John Savego (R), Bill Barrett (R), and Steve and Seth Pondi of Pine Bush all gave their time to getting the wiring and electric hooked up for the building.  The Democratic Party of Gardiner should be horse whipped for taking claim for this one.

# 8 Supported construction of the new Gardiner Library which has become the center of cultural life in our community

My my, what short memories we have. As a past library trustee, along with many other non-Democrats, I have first hand knowledge of how many years and how much effort went into fundraising for a new library so that tax dollars would not be used.  I personally wrote the Library newsletter back then, and with others spent many many hours on fundraisers such as the popular auctions, hot dog stands at Gardiner Day, and the Non-Event fundraiser.  Almost $700,000 had been raised by the library board of trustees when I left the board in disgust over their political leanings.  That’s when the promise to not use tax funds was broken, and the library building, which will never even be owned by the town,  was purchased with borrowed money that is still being paid back.  If you look at your town budget, you’ll see that the library has debt service for $50K each year that YOU pay for with your tax dollars.   This effort, had nothing to do directly with Carl Zatz, Laurie Willow, David Dukler, Brian Sticia or the Gardiner Democratic Party.


The biggest lie that the Democrat Party has told in the past is that they are responsible for building the town hall.  While it was built with Carl Zatz at the helm, almost a million dollars had been saved in a special fund reserved for the townhall building, under past town supervisors such as Marion Kells (R), Leroy Carlson (R), Laura Walls (NOP) and Jack Hayes (C).  In fact, it was Jack Hayes who came up with the idea to use a CoreCraft pre-built building for the new offices, thus saving the town a lot of money.  Carl Zatz merely stole the idea and ran with it, and rang up hefty construction overages, where money had to be borrowed to pay for the remaining work. The town is still paying the debt back today for town hall.  Maybe the Democratic Party wants to take credit for that.

Truth Lies Wallpaper__yvt2So, the next time the Democratic candidates an Party in Gardiner whip out a laundry list of faux accomplishments, you now have the facts to set them straight.

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  1. kelly blauth permalink
    November 24, 2013 1:04 pm

    he takes pay outs and lets some people pay no taxes believe me

  2. kelly blauth permalink
    November 24, 2013 1:10 pm

    time the nys takes over and audits everything that has been used maybee even the fbi. too much corruption,

  3. newbear permalink
    November 25, 2013 12:16 am

    Mr Zatz is a prototype of a corrupt big fish in a small pond. More power to him and his ilk, that is your future America.

  4. kelly blauth permalink
    December 3, 2013 12:50 am

    think everyone needs to check into this wireless edge towers llc, theres more i don’t wanna be wrong, I think i have something board meeting

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