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Just call me a Constitutional Conservative

November 10, 2013

Anyone like me who has been involved in the tea party movement

Democrat candidate Warren Wiegand at Tea Party Rally in Gardiner

Democrat candidate Warren Wiegand at Tea Party Rally in Gardiner

in the past has been called radical right-wing, and racist by leftists.  While it mostly happens in the national arena, it is also evidenced locally by leftists who targeted non- Democrat candidates through vicious newspaper letters and Facebook posts, regardless of their party affiliation, simply because I endorsed them.  Angry leftists, many of whom have never met me, attacked candidates I endorsed, implying some sort of tea party takeover of the local government that would destroy life as we know it in tiny Gardiner.  Not only is this type of attack and thinking childish and moronic, but also dangerous as many ill-informed voters believed it!

I admit to having been part of the tea party movement, along with many others who, like me, are nothing more than concerned citizens who fear for the country and the principles established by our founders.  We are seniors, daughters, taxpayers, workers, voters, homeowners, Christians, soldiers, property owners, teachers, helpers, farmers, and simply citizens, all with two things in common, that we pay attention and care.  Our tea party activism evidenced itself when we took it to the next level and started to speak out and voice that concern in public, hardly something to be feared or reviled.

Several years ago, I traded in the protest signs for books and started the next phase of my evolution, and started educating myself, along with others, about our Founding, it’s leaders and foundational documents.  A year ago, I became disgusted enough with the GOP establishment that I rejected the party and formally became a member of the Conservative party of New York State,CPNYS_Positions_on_2013_Ballot_Proposals_091813 which formally became effective this past election day.  Continuing on my evolutionary path, I am now embracing what Utah Senator Mike Less considers “constitutionalism” where, according to a Weekly Standard article, in a recent speeches he calls for “new conservative agenda of reform” centered on middle-class families and addressing taxes, higher education, transportation and welfare. Lee is quoted as saying

“The great challenge of our time is the challenge of the forgotten family: the honest noble parents across the country trying to make ends meet in a society, economy, and democracy increasingly rigged by Washington against them and their children….Building a new conservative agenda of reform around these moms and dads and kids….is the ‘Road to Majority.’”

I am quite happy now to be tagged as a “constitutional conservative”, which is one who hopes that reforms can be instituted that respect the Constitution but that also appeal beyond the usual GOP constituents.  For after all, who can be reviled by the left for defending and supporting the Constitution?

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  1. Allen K. Littlefield permalink
    November 10, 2013 4:42 pm

    Isn’t it interesting that people who call for fiscal responsibility and less govt. control over our lives are now considered “radical”, “terrorists”, etc. by the folks that are most guilty of exactly those accusations.


    • November 11, 2013 7:00 am

      Indeed Allen. While being part of the tea party movement, I have never had an official group, nor have I joined any larger group, or given them any donations. What concerns me more is that others are smeared because I endorse them.

  2. Gary L Perry permalink
    November 10, 2013 10:32 pm

    I am sorry and disappointed to hear that you have thrown up teh white flag.

    The Conservative Party of NY is corrupt and has it’s own political agenda. The number of registered Conservative is relatively low.
    Unfortunately, now that you have switched from a Republican party to the Conservative you can no longer vote in the Republican primaries and unless you are notary you also can not collect signatures on petitioning ballots to help conservative constitutionalists Republicans get on the ballot to defeat RINO and corrupt Republicans to take back the Republican Party.
    You must be a member of the Republican Party to bring about true reform and real change.

    There are many across the state who are working to “right” the Republican Party. The Conservative Party is no better than the Republican Party, just fewer members and envious enough to knock the GOP down one line on the ballot while elevating the Conservative Party to the number 2 spot.
    In this power play the only winner is the socialist Democrat Party.

    • November 11, 2013 6:57 am

      Don’t be disappointed. I worked within the GOP for years without success, and only got scorn in return. Frankly, I don’t support any party officially, they probably all have their issues, but I feel a bit closer to home being called a conservative.

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