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Candidates for Gardiner – my endorsements

August 30, 2013

I’m fully endorsing Rich Koenig for town supervisor in Gardiner,

final -rk1fMy name is Rich Koenig and I’m running for supervisor in the town of Gardiner in 2013. Here is a brief history of who I am and an explanation of why I am running.I spent most of my childhood living on a family farm in the town of Greenville, NY, along the southern end of the Shawangunk Mountains. I’ve spent most of my adult life living with my wife, Martha, and our children, in Gardiner- the northern end of the Shawangunk Mountains. I worked as a technician at IBM for 21 years, until 1994. Several employment opportunities followed and I eventually became self employed in 2001, providing technical drawing (mechanical drawing) & design services. Over the years, I’ve been involved in my community in many capacities. When we first moved here, I was a member of the Gardiner Fire Department / Rescue Squad for 7 years. We are members of St. Joseph Church in New Paltz where I volunteered for and then helped run the Bingo program. I was a coach and treasurer of NP youth soccer for many years while our children were playing. I was involved with Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts, and served as scout master for two years. I also served on Gardiner’s Open Space committee. Because of my concern for the environment, I’ve written many letters to the local paper, over several years, regarding the DEC Multiple Use area on Rt. 299 and it’s lack of sanitary facilities for hundreds of campers on a regular basis. I called both the DEC (which manages the area) and the Mohonk Preserve (whose members are primary users of the area) to task. I believe my efforts have resulted in the DEC providing better management of the area, and additionally, providing at least seasonal sanitary facilities. I wrote letters and called the NY Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding the illegal parking at the scenic overlooks on Rt. 44-55 so many times that they (the DOT) told me they would not respond to me anymore. I then got then town Supervisor Joe Katz involved, and after much prodding over several years, we finally have scenic overlooks that are available to the public again. They are also generating revenue to the town via parking tickets for those who persist in parking there. I believe this and the previous paragraph show my persistence in addressing issues I care about. I attended Gardiner Town Board meetings on a regular basis for 5 years before running for office. Though I have not agreed with how the re-zoning process was addressed and handled, I again wrote letters and spoke out at town board meeting to express my opinions. Nor did I agree with the brevity of the Open Space planning process and the tenets of open space bond, and in fact voted against it. However, once both passed, I was the first to volunteer my services, and was a member of the Open Space Committee since it’s inception until my election in 2009 required resignation from the Committee. My actions demonstrate civic commitment to proactive engagement in our local government process, including dissent and constructive disagreement. In 2009 I ran for the Gardiner Town Board, as we faced many issues, including a struggle to fund our town’s services with a finite and shrinking set of revenues. I served on the Supervisor’s Financial Review Committee, and saw revenues plunge. I ran to be a voice of thoughtful moderation for the citizens of our town. Everyone in Gardiner that I know enjoys the rural character and open spaces. Everyone I know would like to see that continue. When I was elected, I did my best to represent all citizens of our town in that effort. Now I’m running for the position of supervisor as I finish out my 4 year term as a council member. The question I had to ask myself was “Why do I want to run?” The answer is that “all of Gardiner needs representation”.

I fully endorse John Hinson for the office of Town Board member in Gardiner:

final -jh1fMany of you know that the upcoming election will be a very tight race in Gardiner.  Rich Koenig and I, both continue to work on developing awareness to the community of our intentions.  Most of you know that we are both NOP or No Official Party.   At this point, we both have received Conservative, and Independent nominations and I additionally have the Republican.   We have both met with a number of people who want to support us but were having difficulty voting under one of the three main Party’s in Gardiner.  With this said, Rich and I were successfully able to generate an additional line on the upcoming election.  My understanding is it will be similar to or possibly even merged along the Independent Line and it will be called “People for Gardiner”.

At this point the campaigning is about to be ramped up a notch.  Rich and I could both use all the help we can find.  What we are asking is if you could log on to Facebook and like our Facebook page “People for Gardiner”.  You can find it here:

If you could take a minute and like the page it will be a big help.  We will be performing paid marketing of  “People for Gardiner” to residents of Gardiner in October, but it will be a big help to have a foundation of support prior to this.  Please take a minute and click the LIKE button in the upper right section of the page.  Once you like it, you can also recommend to your friends to like the page.  If you scroll down slightly, look in the center – right, you will see a button that says Invite.  You can click like all or target which Gardiner Residents you want to invite.

Decorated US Army Veteran.  Life long Hudson Valley Resident.  Graduate from SUNY New Paltz.  Local small business owner with executive budgeting and management experience.  Member of Gardiner’s: Open Space Committee, &  Zoning Board of Appeals.  Chair Person of Construction Ulster County’s Homeless Veterans Shelter, Member of American Legion 176.  Proud father of 3 New Paltz Central School District Children.   Proponent of Common sense and Fiscal responsibility.

I fully endorse Jim Miller for the office of Town Board member in Gardiner:

final -jm1fJim has a strong sense of service to the country and the community in which he lives. Having served over 20 years in the United States Army, Jim is a retired veteran with a Bronze Star Award. He currently serves his community through the volunteer fire service as an EMT and firefighter. Jim has been a member with Shawangunk Valley since 1977 and has served as Chief since 2011. Through his leadership abilities and desire to maintain and foster an equal government in Gardiner, Jim is confident that he is your candidate for Gardiner Town Councilman.

I fully endorse Gary Upright for the office of Town Highway Supervisor.

final -gu1f I’ve known Gary since moving here to Gardiner over two decades ago.  He is a native of Gardiner, and and has vast experience in the highway and construction business.  He is a devoted son and father, and wants to serve the town as your next Highway Supervisor.  Here is an excerpt from a recent New Paltz Times interview by Erin Quinn:

Basically, it’s time for a change.  Since I started my own business – Upright Property Management three years ago, I’m around Gardiner all the time.  I see the way things are running at the highway department and they’re not running well at all.  I think i can come in and make the changes needed on a day-to-day basis to make things more efficient, save taxpayers’ dollars and make sure that the work is being done correctly so we’re not wasting money doing the same roads over and over again.  I want to be a presence in the community, reach out to the Parks and Recreation Department, the Rail Trail and work together to make Gardiner a better place for all of us and our families.

After graduating from New Paltz High School in 1986, I went right into heavy construction.  I worked for a lot of big contractors; I worked for Central Hudson in Rockland and Orange counties putting in pipes, lines, repairing roads.  Basically, anything that has to do with road construction, maintenance, drainage, I’ve done for almost 25 years.  I have more experience in this area than anyone at the highway garage, including my opponent.

First and foremost, I would be a presence.  you’d see me on the roads, at the garage, making sure the jobs are getting done and getting done correctly.  I think we need to have a better working schedule so that I know where the guys are, what they’re working on and how each job is coming.  The schedule could be much more efficient and productive.

I think it is critical that we have a truck and equipment maintenance plan and replacement schedule in place.  We had to replace three trucks this year….three!  Why?  Because they were not being maintained property; they were being run into the ground and that’s no way to run a department.  That’s a big hit for taxpayers, to pay for three new trucks in hone shot.  I think there also needs to be more job training.  Things are changing all the time and there are new and more efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly ways to do things, so training your employees is very important.

One thing we have to do is manage the amount of salt and sand we put down on the roads.  There are ways to reduce the amount of sale and still have safe roads. The less salt we use, the less money we spend and the less runoff we have into our streams and rivers.

This department needs to be revamped, reorganized with a better maintenance plan, a tighter schedule, so that we don’t get into a situation where we have to redo a road because it wasn’t done right the first time or have to purchase three trucks because we let them fall apart.  That’s not going to happen when I’m superintendent.  Also, I intend to be there every day.  I know it’s considered a part-time job. but I’m going to approach it as a full-time job.

I fully endorse Camine Mele for Town Justice.

final-cjm1f I’ve known Carmine for many years.  Lawyer, engineer, and son of Gardiner, he is a devoted husband and father of three girls.  Carmine is currently serving on the Gardiner Town Board, and prior to that was on the Gardiner Planning Board for many years.  He would like to continue service to the town as your next town justice.

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  1. September 22, 2013 1:06 pm

    Reblogged this on GardinersRight.

  2. kelly blauth permalink
    October 17, 2013 9:22 pm

    i have an injustice I am liveing in a home with no certificate of occupancy, no heat in my bedrooms or bathrooms and just a 2 by 2 propane heater i went to hospital. vance condemmed the house and after a meating with his supervisor the sticker was takeing down and i was told i just live in a cottage it’s fine, and i was taken into the supervisors office zatz and yelled at and asked how much money i was looking for? i replied i would like jobs done proper how would a building inspector and a town supervisor approve I quote what vance said it’s just a cottage that vance condemmed after i was taken to the hospital and treated for carbon minoxide and was in for 4 dayz, when i got out i was told the sticker for condemmed was never put on, but i had a copy taken, and i have vance saying this house is unfit for anyone there is rat terds, open wires a propane illegal heater next to a water heater that’s propane about 2 feet, and i pay a thousand a month so where would i take my daughter, zatz who in this meeting he pulled me into said if i go they will put heat in. someone help how is this even fair or legal it’s not, I had my own inspector come out who can’t believe what they have seen in there 35 year carreer they never seen anything like this! and it is easy for zatz and vance to say just move instead of actually doing there job right, also i found illegally under the house it has been plugged in since i moved here a heater electric heating the pipes how is this a inspector or a supervisor.

    • October 18, 2013 11:55 am

      Who is the owner of the house that you are renting from?

      • k lynn permalink
        October 18, 2013 4:46 pm

        well for tax purposes it says kanikimee when i call the town. but the owner is todd sunko no one from around here and that is the weirdest because i called real property law and this house doesn’t exist and he has never paid taxes on these 3 houses on guilford rd they are listed as a shed a barn and one not listed at all since 2007 it’s real strange how he is very good with someone in the town that we are allowed to live like this. i hope the corruption stops any time you or anyone don’t believe me look up 486 guilford rd and you may even send someone by there has never been an electrical inspection. i hired a private master electricial, nor has there ever been a fire inspection and there is evidence where there is no junction boxes and rag wire just a fire hazzard that vance told me deal with or leave so did zatz i have been threatened had a car come at me. still just a 2by 2 heater

  3. k lynn permalink
    October 18, 2013 8:26 am

    you don’t let me tell the truth about the corruption in gardner so i will sell my story and recordings and proof to ny times

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