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Gardiner Town Hall – The Wall of Injustice

August 18, 2013

In the past, I’ve described the Town of Gardiner supervisor Carl Zatz and town clerk Michelle Mosher, aided and abetted by various town “legal eagles”, (of dubious capability in my opinion) as reigning over a “black hole” in town hall.  This black hole is where citizens written concerns and questions just disappear as if they never existed, never to see the light of day again.  The Ethics Complaint against Paul Schwartzberg and other ZBA members comes to mind, as still, over 8 months later, neither the supervisor nor the town clerk have ever forwarded the complaint to the Ethics Board chair.  Apalling. However sometimes, the black hole becomes more like a “wall”…a wall of injustice, so to speak.

Most people would reasonably think that elected officials actually work for and serve the citizens, and that they should be responsible to them.  These civil servants should act as the representatives of citizens and be always acting in their behalf.  However many of these administrators, once in office, get a notion in their heads that they actually run things – like dictators…and the people are disregarded at best, and stonewalled on a regular basis.

Case in point – way back in the spring, the town got the idea to create a Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and put surveys in the local socialist publication that makes it way to your mail box pretending that its actually “news”.  The survey asked people in Gardiner to respond about their usage and desires for town parks, and it was due to be turned into the town by June 15.

You also may recall that the town board voted (3-2) to sell a historic building in the middle of the hamlet that has served over the years as the town library (before the Taj Mahal was built with your borrowed tax money) and the firehouse before that.  The vote to sell the building was controversial, and many people in the town wanted to see the old building preserved and fixed up to be used as a town museum or other public use.  In fact, when the vote was taken to sell, citizens got up a petition with almost 160 signatures that would force the decision to a vote of all the people.  However, the “wall” at town hall got the legal eagles involved, and had the petitions disqualified on technicalities.

Back to the surveys.  As mentioned, the original “due” date on them was June 15.  An idea came up from citizens to complete the survey by requesting that, instead of selling the old firehouse building, that it be declared a “park” by the town board, so that plentiful park funds from developers could be used to fix up and preserve the building.  Suddenly, the Wall decided to extend the due date for surveys.  In fact, the surveys are still being accepted at the town website to this day, and nothing more has been said by the Wall about the results of the survey.  Could it be that the Wall didn’t get the results they wanted, so they decided that the results should be shoved down the Black Hole?

Last week, I sent a FOIL request to the town requesting copies of all the surveys that had been sent to the town to date.  The WALL denied my request, saying that they were not subject to FOIL because they were “inter agency” documents.  How could surveys that were publically distributed and sent in by members of the public be “inter agency” documents?  I am appealing.

You’d think that with all of this action on the part of citizens to preserve the building would send a message to the WALL not to sell.  However, it’s important that the WALL sell the property because a business partner wants it more than anything.  Another example of your government WALL at work….only there to obstruct, deny, and be uncivil servants.

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  1. Susan Wick permalink
    August 18, 2013 9:25 pm

    Sounds like these folks went to “King” school with that crew from Mohonk Preserve.

  2. k lynn permalink
    October 18, 2013 4:59 pm

    once you ask for anything that is fishy they will not give you any foil request i was denied. I called kingston real property law they will give you everything this town is a bunch of good old boyz who need to be replaced.

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