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Do they have a (P) or an (S) after their name?

July 21, 2013

The silly season is upon us.  Towns and cities everywhere are combing the citizenry, looking for those select few who will become our “elected officials”, and who will take an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution. Who are these people running for office at every level of government?  Many of us go blindly to the polls every year and do our “duty” as citizens by voting for those who will serve the people, and we may not even know those who are running…either by reputation or by name. We only look to see what political line they are on, and if they have an (R) or a (D) after their name.  Mostly, that’s how Americans select their leaders, blindly, by political party.

However, what’s more important than party affiliation, we should be asking if our leaders in government have a (P) or an (S) after their names – are they “politicians” or “statesmen”?

  • Politicians’ goal is to get elected.  Statesmen’s goal is to serve the people.
  • Politicians crave power that being in office gives them.  Statesmen crave handing the power back to the people where it belongs.
  • Politicians don’t run on principles, they run simply to win office.  Statesmen run because they believe in principles of natural rights.
  • Politicians rarely have any talents or achievements other than gaining political office.  Statesmen are successful in their own right outside of political office.

I will give some examples of each.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are both politicians.  I have never heard them draw a breath when they weren’t advocating for a Democratic party initiative.  Their condesending tone to the American people and fellow congressmen make it clear whos’ side they are fighting for…their own.  A perfect example of a statesman is former Senator Jon Kyl, who has made it his mission since leaving after 4 terms in the house and Senate to defeat the transnationalist movement upending American law.  In an interview in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal called “American Sovereignty and it’s Enemies” by Sohrab Ahmari, it says that transnationalists are fond of pointing out all of the areas where America supposedly lags the global gold standards:  from the death penalty to state prohibitions on gay marriage.  Mr. Kyl said:

I wonder if we’re also the only country that has all of the rights embedded in the first 15 amendments to the U.S. Constitution?  Does that also make those rights passe?  I think not.  We’re the only country in the world ever founded on an idea rather than an accident of geography or blood.  So the fact that other nations haven’t gotten to our level…doesn’t mean we have to throw in with them.”

Now more than ever, our elected officials are selected to run for office mainly because they can win a seat, not because we feel they will do what’s best for the people.  Good solid statesmen are many times overlooked simply because the party officials don’t believe they are electable.

Citizens need to get involved in their government in every area from school boards to town boards.  Know who your elected officials are and hold them accountable.  Don’t worry as much about the (D) or (R) after their name as much as whether they are real statesmen who will do the real job as intended, which it to protect the natural liberties of the people they represent.

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