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For Progressives, a little learning can be a terrible thing.

May 5, 2013

Worth another look. Still holds true


I was recently sent an article taken from a Sunday, New York Times magazine “Idea Lab” (sorry, the issue date is not evident).  The article was called “Radical Constitutionalism” by Jeffrey Rosen a George Washington University law professor.  The article starts out discussing newly elected US Senator Mike Lee who was a favorite of the Tea Party movement and his ideas about dismantling of various federal departments (Education, HUD, FDA, etc) on constitutional grounds.   He goes on to describe views of the Tea Party (which is not a party, but a grassroots movement) that include the desire to shrink the federal governments powers back to the Founders original intent of “enumerated and limited”. All well and good, but he descibes these view by the Tea Party movement as “exotic” and Lee’s viewpoints as a”truly radical vision of the US Constitution”.

Rosen goes on to denounce the author of the…

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