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Start (or continuation) of the silly season…..

September 3, 2012

…….Happy Labor Day, Empty Chair Day and general traditional start of the political silly season.  Seems like it’s been going on forever, and there’s still two more months left until Election Day 2012.  And what a way to kick off the season than with National Empty Chair Day, started at last week’s RNC convention by none other than “make my day” Clint Eastwood.  Of course, the empty chair is a metaphor for our president, who does little else than make empty promises, play the race card, divide the nation, and then play the finger pointing game for all of the failed policies he’s put in place.  My chair is out, along with my ROMNEY/RYAN sign, and I’m sure it just befuddles the majority of my left leaning neighbors.

In general I found the RNC convention to be very inspiring….much more so because of the pick of Ryan for VP.  As such, Romney seems to have made a decisive move towards the more conservative, reformer elements of the Republican party, signaling that they are serious about making real changes, not just paying lip service.  The GOP followed suit with the choices for convention speakers….much more focus on the young reformer, tea party types, than the staid, good ole boy types that they usually drag out.

I was surprised and heartened.  Does this mean that the GOP really is going to get serious about getting conservative reforms in place?  And, if it starts at the top and works it’s way down, maybe we’ll start getting rid of some of the back room politics that have plagued New York State and Ulster County for many many years….from both parties.

Maybe the lame leaders of the GOP at the state level will be able to find someone to run against Cahill is Assembly District 103.  And, to give more than lukewarm support to Wendy Long against Gillibrand.  Is it that New York is so blue, that they give up and don’t bother?  The only bright spot is that we are finally, finally rid of Maurice Hinchey.  Now he’ll have more time to visit his wifey in jail.

The GOP needs reform at every single level from top right down to our Ulster County (the dirtiest pile of political poo you can find) and little old Gardiner.  When you have a Gardiner GOP hack like Glenn Noonan still on the Gardiner GOP committee, you just have to wonder about leadership.  Glenn’s a baffoon, and they should be able to get rid of him once and for all.

Welcome to silly season, and let the games begin!

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