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We’re being planned out of existence…..

August 5, 2012

On July 30, I learned about an entity called Engage Mid-Hudson plan.  The plan is a project of the Mid-Hudson Sustainability Planning Consortium.  Here’s what the consortium says about themselves:

The Mid-Hudson sustainability Planning Consortium i steering the development of the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan as part of the Cleaner, Greener Communities Program announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in his 2011 State of the State address.  The Program empowers regions to create more sustainable communities by funding smart development practices.  Planning teams are partnering with public and private experts across a wide range of fields, along with community residents to lead the development of regional sustainability plans and to implement the projects that will significantly improve the economic and environmental health of their areas.  This effort will guide integrated, sustainable solutions – from statewide investments to regional decision-making on land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, energy, and environmental practices – to improve our quality of life.

Sounds good, right?  Well, it’s really part of a much larger global plan created by the UN, and signed onto by GW Bush for the US, to control all natural and human activity globally – called Agenda 21.  You won’t hear it called Agenda 21…it will be under the guise of much more local and regional “sustainability” programs run by non-governmental agencies that want to demolish your sovereignty .

Local blogger, editor and activist Mitchell Langbert is one helping to take the lead to expose Engage Mid-Hudson and the bigger plans like Scenic Byways and Agenda 21. Below is a blog that Mitchell wrote as a follow up to that July 30 meeting :

Paradox inside an Enigma: Engage Mid-Hudson’s Puzzling Kickoff

Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D., Political Editor, Lincoln Eagle

Newburgh, NY, July 30–Lincoln Eagle exclusive.  About 200 people, mostly town-and-county-level politicians and bureaucrats, descended upon the Newburgh campus of Orange County Community College to participate in Engage Mid-Hudson’s kickoff.  Engage Mid-Hudson is one of 10 regional sustainability groups that Governor Andrew Cuomo has funded through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The mid-Hudson region extends north from Westchester through Rockland, Putnam, and Orange, to Dutchess and Ulster Counties.  Co-chairs David Church, planning commissioner of Orange County, and Thomas Madden, commissioner of community development and sustainability for the Town of Greenburgh, led the meeting.

Assemblyman Frank Skartados, representing the Newburgh (100th) Assembly District, offered a few opening remarks. He thought that Engage Mid-Hudson is out to streamline government.  A paradox became evident a few minutes later when Mr. Church divulged that Governor Andrew Cuomo had spent $100 million to fund the 10 regional sustainability groups (according to NYSERDA’s website the booty was split evenly across the 10 regions).  I asked Mr. Church whether the aim of streamlining government is consistent with eight-digit slush funds.  Mr. Church’s answer was that the endowment reflects the voters’ will, even though the senior elected official present, Mr. Skartados, had just expressed a preference for streamlining government. Also, since the majority of New York residents in my lifetime have fled the state because of excessive costs and mismanagement, it is difficult to know whose preferences Mr. Cuomo has in mind: waste’s victims or its progenitors.

A second paradox followed.  Engage Mid-Hudson bills itself as open to public opinion, but a number of pro-freedom activists were present, and they called out questions during Mr. Church’s talk.  Mr. Church handled the disagreement well, but several members in the audience began to berate the pro-freedom activists.  One, whom one of the freedom activists alleged is the owner of a green development firm that stands to profit from Engage Mid-Hudson, suggested to Mr. Church that the freedom activists be banned from future meetings.  It would seem that owners of businesses that stand to directly profit from Engage Mid-Hudson should be required to identify themselves at the beginning of meetings.  It seems as likely as not that Engage Mid-Hudson is just one more Democratic Party scam, like Maurice Hinchey’s green development follies and Barack Obama’s bailouts.

A third paradox became evident when Mr. Church announced six working groups, including one for economic development.  Herb Oringel, an IBM retiree and chair of the economic development consortium, claimed that Engage Mid-Hudson could bring jobs to the region. Activist Glenda Rose McGee asked what kind of jobs could a tax-based bureaucracy like Engage Mid-Hudson create.  The question was a good one.  Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson explains why the broken window fallacy, an economic fallacy that has re-gained currency under the Bush and Obama administrations, is incorrect.  Government cannot make work by breaking windows.  The reason is that to pay for the broken window repair someone must be taxed.  The taxed money reduces private sector demand.  By advocating government spending and higher taxes, groups like Engage Mid-Hudson destroy legitimate jobs, jobs that satisfy legitimate market demand and replace them with jobs that reflect the needs of politicians and special interests.

Mr. Oringel’s response to Ms. McGee was not reassuring. His chief example of jobs creation was the turning of Sing Sing Correctional Facility into a tourist attraction.  I would feel better if a private developer were to take the project because Mr. Oringel’s IBM experience has not prepared him to assess market risk of this kind. For example, might Steve Wynn be willing to take gambling up the river? Engage Mid-Hudson and Governor Cuomo don’t know. Since they are not going to invest their own money, they don’t care in the same way that Steve Wynn would. There is little difference between Mr. Oringel’s project and window breaking.

In a question-and-answer period Ms. McGee raised a further point: regional sustainability plans are likely a pretext for more intensive intervention and regulation. In particular, the Towns of Woodstock, Olive and Saugerties have seen proposals for the construction of unneeded planned housing projects tightly linked to sustainability plans.

I raised a question as to Engage Mid-Hudson’s identity.  I asked whether it is a government organization or a non-government organization.  Mr. Church said that it is neither. This was a fourth paradox because if Engage Mid-Hudson is neither a government nor a non-government organization, then it does not exist and it cannot cash NYSERDA’s $10 million check. Tsk, tsk–a Zen-like conundrum any green business crony can ponder.

Rife with paradox the meeting was unpersuasive.  What is the purpose of Engage Mid-Hudson beyond providing funding for crooked, green businesses?  In Canada and elsewhere NGOs have been used to subvert republican governmental structures and regulatory authority. In the tradition of New York’s honest graft, are we to expect just one more deal in the Plunkitt tradition or a more serious incursion on republicanism?

NYS has dedicated $100 million of our tax strapped dollars to this program.  This horrific waste masks cronyism for pseudo environmental businesses that are nothing more than mini-Solondryas.

I happened to see an article by  Stanly Kurtz in National Review online called Burning Down the Suburbs. – which really hits the whole urbanization and destruction of rural America goals.

Here is an email that I received from Mitchell about this article:

Engage Mid-Hudson is Andrew Cuomo’s and Barack Obama’s first step in turning New York’s suburbs into slums and then emptying them.  The article above explains how regionalism (Engage Mid-Hudson) intersects with an attack on suburbs; rural areas are worse in their mythology.  The Woodstock leftists eager to support Engage Mid-Hudson have been among the first to put the screws on themselves; in fact, they’ve already adopted low income housing.  I wonder about the number of town officals and businessmen at the July 30th meeting ready to be conned into harming or destroying their landscapes by the lure of hot grant money.  The irony that this is the mirror image of the government policies that created the suburbs in the 1950s. Urban planning bankrupted New York in 1974, and it has never worked. The history of science is littered with absurd fads, among the worst of which is urban planning.  Now, Andrew Cuomo is spending hundreds of millions for more urban planning, executed by people as incompetent as the ones who bankrupted New York 40 years ago. This time, their aim is to reduce, not increase, our standard of living.

As a result of Mitchell’s blog, he received an email about the Engage Hudson meeting, and true to the tactics of the left, tried to make it seem that he simply didn’t understand the goals of the group.  This person is on the Somers environmental commission, in other words a public official, who also sits on the board of the sustainability consortium, an NGO that has no oversight from you or anyone.

Dear Dr. Langbert,

I just got back home after a week vacation after the MHR first public meeting on July 30 and read your critical summary of the night.

I am most disappointed in not what you wrote… are entitled to your opinion of course…….but in the fact that we were unsuccessful in explaining our objectives and approach.

I would love to welcome you and your colleagues to meet with us to get an up close personal view of what we are trying to accomplish in this innovative Regional effort.

For example, we are searching for ways to create jobs while reducing pollution and expenses from the use of fossil fuels.

The working groups to which you alluded are staffed with unpaid volunteers that have come together to define a set of projects to that end.

Can you find the time to help us be successful ?

Herb Oringel

Chair,Somers Energy and Environment Committee

Chair, NWEAC

Here is Mitchell Langbert’s email reply which I was copied on:

Dear Herb:

I just saw Gaetana’s e-mail about Agenda 21.  Messrs. Madden and Church know about Agenda 21, and the fact that they may not have previously mentioned it to you or others involved in the various NGO-style (non-existent, according to Mr. Church) organizations mentioned on Monday night, including Engage Mid-Hudson, suggests that they are sneaksters.  Gaetana has let the cat out of the bag.  The issues you and we are debating involve governance, governmental structure, and republicanism.

In order to get your mind around this for the first time, here are a few items:  Two radio interviews I’ve done with Tom Sipos of Hudson Valley Focus over the past year, a lengthy tape of Rosa Koire who spoke in the Town of Olive (where I live) within the past couple of months, and some additional material that we have put together.  You can read Agenda 21 on the UN website at .  In the 1990s, the Clinton administration funded A-21 through the President’s Council on Sustainability.  Now, it is funded directly by cabinet agencies including HUD, which has been active in this region.

The construction of neo-slum housing is intimately linked to A-21.  The Town of Woodstock has recently been coopted in this regard.  ICLEI, to which I have been told Mr. Madden belongs, has been instrumental in initiating A-21 proposals among local governments.  Most recently, Mayor Bloomberg announced an RFP for construction of slum (275 square foot) apartments in Kips Bay.  This is the first time in history government has initiated the construction of slum housing.

Urban planners have typically been indoctrinated with corporatist A-21 materials.  One of the key tactics that A-21 recommends (and ICLEI implements) is transformation of local governance through regionalization.  In Canada, regional organizations have been granted regulatory authority, a concept Jay Wenk inadvertently brought up at the first Mid-Hudson meeting. We aim to stop it, and we aim to spend our efforts defeating Andrew Cuomo if he remains committed to it.

My August 2011 interview:

My July 2012 interview:

Rosa Koire (lengthy) lecture in Olive:

Additional Agenda 21 Info

I understand that this is a lot of information to digest, and hard to believe, as all of these programs sound so innocuous.  If you do noting else, watch the YouTube video above which is the Rosa Kiore speech recently in the town of Olive, where they are implementing Scenic Byways.  Scenic Byways has already been initiated in Gardiner.  A recent request by our only gas station in town to update their property is in front of the Gardiner Planning Board….and their plan had to be sent to Scenic Byways for review as the station is on Rt. 208….a Scenic Byway.   Glen Gidaly, who is on the Gardiner Environmental Commission, attended the “Engage” meeting on July 30, and only asked 1 question….does this cover all water…and the answer was “yes”.  The commission is working on a “water” restriction plan for Gardiner.  One of the active member of the Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Consortium is Nadine Lemmon – past Gardiner Town Board member and author of our current restrictive zoning and Comprehensive Plan.  Smart Growth, Walkable development, affordable housing…these are some of the buzzwords you’ll hear.  This is real, it’s scary and it’s affecting all of us now.  It’s all about control.

I appreciate Mitchell taking so much time to keep the drum beating on this issue….I will try to keep you posted as things progress.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. August 5, 2012 7:57 pm

    Agenda 21 is alive and well in all of our Towns and Counties. Heck, I live in Patchogue Village and it is considered the template of Sustainable living on LI! & yes, I gag every single time I say that!

  2. Gary permalink
    August 5, 2012 8:50 pm

    most of the community leaders and board members have no idea that they are being used to implement Agenda 21. we must get them imformed and hope they move past denial.

  3. JED permalink
    August 5, 2012 9:48 pm

    MOVE. NY fell to liberals long ago. Let them swim in their own poverty and dictatorship.

    • August 6, 2012 7:06 am

      That is an unfortunately uninformed statement. Agenda 21 is global and there’s no where to move to.

  4. Rad Beranek permalink
    August 6, 2012 2:08 am

    Nadine Lemmon – what can we say about this Lady, the intellectual bancruptcy personified – and tollerated by this Gardiner community with no one detecting anythihg wrong with the personality of the would-be small town public beaurocrat Now let’s not underestimate the possibility of sociopaths sneaking into public service, and all of falling for it. Carl Zatz looks in the mirror every morning before checking in on his Wine Store, then attends to the affairs of the “Plebes” – you!!!!

  5. August 28, 2012 1:16 pm

    Just finding your post….we are facing the same exact “Consortium” plan here in North Carolina. Gardiner IS right…there is no where to move to in order to get away from this global UN / Federal take-over of all of us. We are fighting it here. Keep fighting it there!! From the sound of it, you are already into the “stakeholder meetings” stage, so your elected and unelected officials must have signed on. UGH! Don’t give up!

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