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Czar Zatz and the History Trashing

June 10, 2012

Czar Zatz, the Gardiner Town Supervisor, and his toadies Warren Wiegand and Mike Reynolds decided to toss town history in the trash at the last town meeting, and to vote to put the old library/firehouse building on the town “surplus” list in preparation for a sale.

The three held a lovely staged discussion, starting with Warren reading a chronology of the various discussions and votes held over the last few years regards the property.  When done, Czar Zatz asked in his most supercilious tone, why the town board didn’t take the $100K when it was previously offered by an “interested” buyer – Billy Richards, previous business partner and still crony of Czar Zatz.  I’ll let you watch the attached video clip and be the judge yourself.  It starts off with Carmine Mele explaining why he feels the town should keep the building as a valuable asset, and then comes the question from Czar Zatz about why the TB didn’t sell

Carmine and Czar Zatz

So, the real answer to Carl’s question is that the “offer” for the $100K was totally unsolicited, and not part of a bid process, and also from Carl’s former business partner Bill Richards so that he could develop his Station Square property.  Besides, at that time, the town board had determined that the building and property was too great an asset to the Town to sell, at that or any price.

So, fast forward to a bit later in the meeting, when a respected town member asked if the Town Board would be taking any discussion or questions from the audience.

Cut to next video of  Czar Zatz and the Nasty Attitude to the Public  As you can hear, people were not allowed to say anything before the Town Board took it’s vote…they had to wait until the end of the meeting after the Town Board voted.  Just goes to show how much the town folks’ opinion matters to the elected aristocracy in this town.

More to follow as we’re only 6 months into the Reign of Czar Zatz.

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  1. Rad permalink
    April 7, 2013 2:57 am

    Carl is a well-known wine store owner and a small town power seeker, Such person is a danger to a taxpayer, and as such the taxpayers should know it. If they do not know, how do we let them know?

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