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April 14, 2012

This will be cornerstone of my remarks tomorrow at the 4th Annual Gardiner Tax Day Tea Party.


We hear a lot from the leftists about how government should work to give people more equality, and especially about creating costly big government programs to “level the playing field”, and especially about the “fairness” of issues and programs.  On the face of it, equality for all  sounds like a good thing, and something that’s pretty hard to argue against.

In Europe, it was a popular notion that wealth should be taken from the “haves” and distributed to the “have nots”, and this became the rallying cry for the bloody French Revolution mobs.  We hear criess for “redistribution of wealth” from our own leaders, echoed by the chants from the “99%” rabble of the OWS movement.

However, the founders rightly believed that “equal rights does not mean equal things”.  According to Skowsen in “The Five Thousand Year Leap”

The American Founders recognized that the moment the government is authorized to…

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