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“The Present Political State of the American Republicks”

October 31, 2011

An essay from an anonymous writer, Amicus Republicae, was published in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1786, three years before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia where the US Constitution was drafted and signed in 1789.  Years had passed since the end of the American Revolution against George of England, and there was growing civil unrest and attacks on the various state constitutions – from both radicals and Federalists.  The country was in turmoil and debt from the war, and a short portion of this essay laid out the plea from the author to take heart, remain strong, and preserve self-government and liberty.  Please note the underlined bit about the importance of electing the best and brightest as our leaders, which is particularly relevant as we approach Election Day 2011.

“Let us demonstrate that we love not only ourselves, but also our country, and wish well to those millions amongst the dead.  Let us demonstrate that we not only wish to be free, but also that we are determined to be honest, to be virtuous, and can surmount burdens and difficulties in the way to national glory.  Let us stand up to our social compacts, be patient under unavoidable burdens, be frugal and industrious, and retrench in our unnecessary expenditures.  Let us not suffer the unhallowed hands of licentiousness, vain ambition or covetousness, to touch our liberties, or break in upon our constitutional rights.  Let us elect to public offices and places of government, from time to time, men that we have reason to presume are the wisest, the most honest, and as such have the good of their country at heart; and let us acquiesce in, and endeavor to support, all their good administrations.  Unreasonable clamors against government let us discountenance and despise, Tumults and insurrections against the constitution, the laws and administrations of government, let us endeavor to suppress and discourage.  – These are evils that spread their influence like witchcraft, and lead on to the most ruinous consequences.”

These words were well spoken and no less true or urgent today in the toxic political climate in America.  That is why, more than ever, it is imperative that when we look for leaders – local, statewide and national –who will best represent not partisan leanings, but for those who will represent ALL of the people to the most good of the many – not just a few favorites and elite cronies.  We must remember that we are Americans and fellow townsman first, and party or other self-interested alliegences should come last.  As you go to vote in your various local and regional elections on November 8, keep these words above in mind, and look with a fresh eye to the candidates that present themselves to you.  And please, please be sure that you do VOTE, as it is one of the most precious rights afforded to us as Americas, and we must always work to preserve our liberties.

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