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Tea Party Movement and the Gardiner Candidates

October 16, 2011

Strange signs have appeared on roadsides in Gardiner and now there’s a letter to the editor warning that the “Tea Party” wants to take over Gardiner. There is no “Tea Party”, it is simply a movement formed by concerned citizens. Ironically, there are several candidates running this year that support the tea party movement and have been engaged with it.  One of them is Warren Wiegand who apprears in this photo of the 2009 Gardiner Tax Day Tea Party.

Candidate Wiegand at the 2009 Gardiner Tax Day Tea Party

Bill Barrett, Mike Boylan and Ron Bonagura are endorsed candidates of the Republican, Independence and Conservative parties, and want the future Town Board to be careful with spending your tax money and to keep tax increases as small as possible in the face of continuous unfunded State mandates which strain local budgets. The Democrats had a Supervisor who has done a good job at holding down spending and they chose instead to nominate free spending Carl Zatz. Mr. Zatz has promised to increase town spending and to raise taxes and invited anyone who doesn’t like it to move to Mississippi where taxes are low. Given his record in his two previous terms as Town Supervisor when he depleted the Unappropriated Fund (reserve) account by over a million dollars, I’m sure he’ll keep his promises to increase spending and taxes. The Democrats’ reason for this dramatic spending of the reserves is that the State Controllers office said the reserve was too high. Taking budget advice from the NYS is like taking sailing advice from the captain of the Titanic or investment advice from Bernie Madoff. Mr. Zatz describes himself as a “progressive – liberal”, we can take this to mean he wants to progressively increase town spending and liberally decrease your bank account.

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