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A bad week for Obama

August 14, 2011

President Obama and Obamacare got another major slap last week when a federal appeals court panel struck down the requirement that all Americans must purchase healthcare insurance or face penalties as unconstitutional.  The “Individual Mandate” has long been the Achilles heel of the Obamacare package, and fully 26 states have sued to block the law.  You can read about it here in  This my friends, is simply a battle won in a bigger war against enactment of one of the biggest and most devastating entitlements our country has ever seen.  The majority of citizens in this country are against Obamacare, and the numbers grow every day as more people become aware of the fiscally crippling details that will crush our free market system and the healthcare industry.

In other stunning news, the true “tea party” candidate for president, Michelle Bachmann, won yesterday’s Straw Poll in Iowa, and it’s no surprise to me since one of the planks she is running on is that repealing Obamacare will be one of her first acts as President.  

On top of the Obamacare ruling, Obamas’ far left activist base has been loudly speaking out against him. The exterior gloss has worn off and underneath is a shallow elitist whose only plan that’s been successful so far is for vacations and golf.

So what is ahead for the American people?  I have faith.  I have faith in America as the greatest country on earth.  And, no matter what or who tries to drag her down, marginalize her, cut her off at the knees and make her people nothing but slaves dependent on the government dole for their “bread and circus'”, she can withstand the attack and rise up to her full glory with the right leaders and the right framework.  Strip back the decades of judicial activism that has turned our Constitution into something we don’t even recognize.

We need to get back to the basics.  The Constitution as it was intended, not as progressives have wanted it to “evolve”.  Hard work and independence, not laziness, complacency and addiction to a government handout.  Liberty and responsibility, not slavery and indolence.  Please go to to see some of the solutions that can start to turn this country back on the path to true liberty and freedom.

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