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More Nonsense from Hinchey

July 31, 2011

The information below was sent to GardinersRight with thanks from Carl Krize of Poughkeepsie.  Please note that George Phillips plans to take Hinchey’s congressional seat in 2012: 

The paragraph below is an edit copy-edit paste from the Poughkeepsie Journal.  It is part of a piece in VALLEY VIEWS written by Cong. Hinchey titled “Deficit cuts are the way to a prosperous America.”

President George W. Bush sold the country on large tax cuts that went disproportionately to the wealthy, launched an unjustified and extremely costly military operation in Iraq, and initiated a Medicare prescription drug program that wasn’t paid for and put the interests of the pharmaceutical industry before the interests of senior citizens. In short, President Bush inherited a $237 billion budget surplus and left with a $1.4 trillion deficit, a plummeting economy and a national debt that exploded from $5.7 trillion to $10.6 trillion in his eight years.

This is extremely clever on the part of Herr Hinchey.  He fails to mention that, during the last two years of the Bush administration (Jan 2007-Jan 2009), the Democrat party was in solid control of the House of Representatives.  During the first six years of Bush and a Republican majority on the House (controlling the nation’s checkbook), the national debt did go from $5.7 trillion to $8.7 trillion ( a $3 trillion debt increase in six years is no good, to be sure).    But the last two years (Jan 2009-Jan 2011 ) with Democrats in the majority, the debt went from $10.6 trillion to $13.9 trillion.  The democrats, controlling the nation’s checkbook during that two years increased the debt by $3.3 trillion in that period of time. Then, the esteemed Congressman follows up with this statement:

For the record, I voted against every single one of these bad policies, which are responsible for most of our current national debt.

Read the entire sickening piece, if you have not done so.  Go to the Poughkeepsie Journal web page.  Click on OPINION, then VALLEY VIEWS.  The piece is titled “Deficit cuts are the way to a prosperous America.” You will note that he (again cleverly) fails to point out that for two years with the Obama as President and the Democrat party in majority in the H of R, the national debt went up by another $3 trillion.


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