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Hippocracy of the Left

July 29, 2011

Several years ago  the Gardiner Library  moved into the new building, and a bigger building means a higher operating budget.

The library operational budget is not controlled by the town board,  and any increase from year to year needs approval at the voting booth by the people.

The library had successfully gotten a petition to put a referendum on the November 2008 ballot that increased it’s annual operating budget for 2009 equating to a tax levy increase of $89,000, or 63%.  Although the library trustees had always promised over and over that Gardiner tax dollars would not be used for a new building,  $50,000 of the increase was to pay debt service on the library building mortgage for 2009 and every year for years and years to come.  The library trustees have borrowed $950K to build their Taj Mahal of a library with your tax money. The town of Gardiner is not listed on the mortgage, nor will it ever have any equity ownership in the building.  Basically, the library trustees pulled a Bernie Madoff on the taxpayers.

While the increase in the library budget was no secret, the fact that it was for the BUILDING MORTGAGE was never brought up in town hall during the budget meetings.  The library never put out any kind of communication to the town or the people of the town who they in efffect were swindling for the mortgage money.  The library “trustees” never held a public hearing or meeting, never issued a press release, never said a peep about the new budget including BUILDING MORTGAGE money.  Election day came and went, and the budget got voted on, and the Library trustees quietly laughed under their breaths at the con job they just pulled on Gardiner taxpayers.
Which is why I almost fell over when I picked up this week’s “Socialist Weekly”, (my term for the New Paltz paper) and saw the article about the Gardiner leftists complaining long and loud at the recent Gardiner FD meeting.  Complaints were being lobbed at the fire company commissioners for holding a LEGAL vote to purchase a new piece of fire equipment for the department costing $500K, which had been saved for over the years and would not raise department taxes.  The three loudest and complainers quoted in the paper were:  Warren Wiegand, town board member and candidate whos’ wife is a Library Trustee, David Sides whos’ wife was the president of the Library Trustees at the time of the mortgage vote scam, and Carl “Mr. Cupcake” Zatz, tax and spender, former and wannabe Town Superviser and destructor of public property.
All three were complaining loudly to the papers about the lack of publicity about the vote and insinuating that the fire commissioners were trying to pull one over on the public…..JUST LIKE THE LIBRARY DID IN 2008!  They were even suggesting that the vote be nullified…because they didn’t like the outcome.
So, it’s rich that two of the big tax-and-spend lefties of town board fame Wiegand and Zatz are now complaining about fire company spending on equiptment, particularly since they never seemed to give a hoot about the fire department in the past.  Also, it’s rich that Zatz is complaining about lack of transparency by the fire commissioners, but it never bothered him when the library showed total lack of transparency in their budget increase? 
And the election is just starting to get cranked up.  It will be interesting to see what new trouble these  hypocrites stir up in the future.
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