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National Speaker and Author Helps Us ReValue America

July 17, 2011

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that American people’s morality and virtue have been on a downslide for several decades, and getting worse every day. We always say that ‘history repeats itself,’ but you’ll be amazed to see how true that is when Dr. Shanon Brooks, co-founder and president of Monticello College and author presents his inspiring history and education message called ReValue America. ReValue America is about strengthening America not through the top-down approaches of government policies and initiatives, but from the bottom-up, through healthy individuals, families, and communities. It’s about rethinking what education means in our lives and building stronger, wiser families.

Dr. Brooks will be here in Port Ewen, Ulster County on Wednesday, September 28, at 6 PM. The two-hour event will be held at the Town of Esopus Town Hall and is completely FREE. Please visit to register and print out your FREE tickets.  Seating is limited so reserve yours today.

The topics that will be covered are: The cycle of freedom (how history repeats itself, and where we are today), the four phases of learning, the proper role of government, the five founding American ideals (and how they need to be restored), the state of American education and what it means for our future, an introduction to A Thomas Jefferson Education (compared to our education today), the vital role of mothers and fathers, and much more. These topics have hit home with people interested in history, homeschool families, educators, business owners and others. Please join your neighbors at the ReValue America Tour to learn more about these principles.  This tour is about encouraging people to deepen their own education, strengthen their marriages, invest in their families, and serve in their neighborhoods so that the community (and America!) as a whole will be renewed and strengthened. 

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