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Hinchey Sponsored Bill Danger to Property Rights

July 10, 2011

A recent press release by Congressman Maurice Hinchey’s office announces that he will reintroduce a bill in the House, co-sponsored by Sentator Gillibrand in the Senate, to make the entire Hudson Valley a unit of the National Park Service.  The bill would allow a study about national park status for all of the counties that border the Hudson River, from Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondacks to New York City Harbor.

While the release insists that no one would be forced to sell their property and property rights by individuals would be protected under this status, everyone knows that with the federal government as “big brother”,  county and local jurisdiction would always be over ridden by the feds.  Just look at the BLM and how it treats ranchers out west.  The “Heritage Area” status by the state already puts more restrictions on the Hudson Valley citizens and businesses, and National Park Status would mean having not just any bear, but “Smokey the Bear” will now be roaming your back yard.

This takeover plan is just another pork barrel spending opportunity for vote buying by Mr. Hinchey, with the added benefit of layering on environmental overreach.  Mr. Hinchey is an environmental radical who would rather see Hudson Valley citizens suffer than to disappoint his many enviro-radical buddies.   Let’s hope that the majority in the House can assure that this bill arrives “dead in the water”….Hudson River water.

Here is a video of Mr. Hinchey talking about this same topic last year, when I tried to ask him if towns and localities would be forced to be part of a national park unit, or if they could “opt out”.  As is his signature ploy when he doesn’t like a question, always pretends that he doesn’t understand the question, and that somehow the person asking is at fault for not make the question clear enough for his dimness.

Carol LaGrasse, President of Property Rights Foundation of America (PRFA) testified before Congress against Mr. Hinchey’s plan to have the federal government take over the Hudson Valley, and GardinersRight is solidly behind her along with all sensible property owners.

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  1. James A. Bair, Jr. permalink
    August 1, 2011 10:36 am

    Where is the video? Keep up this good work keeping the folks informed of Congressman Hinchey’s socialist agenda.

  2. James A. Bair, Jr. permalink
    August 1, 2011 10:38 am

    Another thought — If this was made a national park, would that then relieve GE of the cost of cleaning up the mess they have made of the Hudson?

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