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People are funny

June 12, 2011

Sometimes I find humans amazing and downright funny….not in the “ha ha” way, but in the very odd way.  Here are a few recent observations.

A short time ago, I posted on these pages a blog about the great Cupcake Festival, and the wanton destruction of the public property by the festival organizers.  Mind you, I said nothing against the festival itself, but targeted my comments directly to the deliberate destruction done to the town ball field and to the state highway with the help of a drill.  Mr. Carl Zatz, the event organizer, has since admitted to all of this destruction, and has agreed that it all be “fixed” by him and other festival organizers.  This was all openly admitted to in Town Hall at the recent town board meeting when I asked how the destruction was being fixed.  Now, to the “funny” part, which is the incoherent comments that I received from several people (see below), who apparently didn’t feel the same outrage at the destruction of public property that I did!  They seemed to defend Mr. Zatz as having been a helpless victim of accidental circumstances beyond his control, even though Mr. Zatz has already pled guilty.  Moreover, they seem to think that somehow I’m the “ignorant” cave dweller who is making a fuss over “nothing”.  Unbelievable.  I sent the blog article to the local purveyers of print news, and am expecting the usual suspects to be busy scribing their scathing replys for next weeks’ issues as we speak.

Another recent example of strange behavior occurred at the town hall meetings.  Seems as though a few weeks ago there was an annual party in Gardiner that got a little out of control in terms of noise, etc.  Neighbors reacted by calling in the State Police, the town zoning officer, the Town Supervisor, the fire company…basically everyone but the dog officer.  Only a parking violation was found and that was immediately fixed.  The right thing to do would be to take the complaint directly to the offending neighbor, discuss it, and try and resolve the problem in a civil manner.   However, instead, the offended parties decided to take it to town hall, where they expected the “government” to find a solution for them!  Governments should not be in business of resolving neighborhood disputes and this should have been made clear immediately.  Instead, the “government” in the form of the town board, is looking for possible ordinances that they can make up to “punish” and make life more restrictive for everyone in town.  This is the wrong approach, and people should not be looking to the government to solve every little problem that comes up.  That’s how we have ended up with the bloated and overpowering governments that we have now.  This dependency on the government all too easily can turn into slavery and loss of all liberties. This is how it creeps up on us.

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  1. annonymous permalink
    June 12, 2011 10:54 pm

    Ms. Odell. Do you really think the destruction to the ball field and state highway was “deliberate”? You write as if it was planned that way. Shame on you. Yes, Mr. Zatz admitted to the mistakes that were made, but I am sure he did not say “I diliberately made those mistakes.” OR “I planned to ruin the ballfield and highway.” You are straying away from what you say you believe in as a person of the community and have made clear that this is a personal attack on Mr. Zatz. Again, shame on you. Mr. Zatz in no way appeared to be a helpless victim to anyone. This festival was organized by more than one person, in case you forgot that, not Mr. Zatz alone. You talk about a dispute between neighbors in your next paragraph stating that the one neighbor should not have taken it to the town for resolution. I agree with you. However, isn’t that what you are also doing by taking your complaints to the press and to Facebook rather than keeping them behind closed town hall doors? Again, Shame on you. In the long run, you are not only punishing Mr. Zatz you are making mountains out of mole hills and in the end, sure to kill a wonderful festival enjoyed by many.

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