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RINO’s in our midst.

May 15, 2011

Dear GardinersRight Supporters:

Robin Yess, former Chairman of the Ulster County Republican Party, and strong small government, tea party principle supporter, formally resigned her position on Friday night over frustration stemming from the “GOB” attitudes of the GOP leaders in and out of the legislature.  Here is a quote from Robin’s letter of resignation:

There are a lot of problems with politics and political parties, but the ‘GOB’ is the biggest problem for the GOP. The GOB being the ‘Good Old Boys’. Since my election as Chair I have witnessed some outrageous things and heard some shocking things, but I guess it’s expected. What isn’t expected is Elected Republican Officials who don’t stand up for Republican Party platform and principles. What I am talking about is, of course, Golden Hill Health Care Center. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any discussion or consideration amongst Republican Legislators as to our stance on this issue. My position – and I believe the position of most true Republicans – is that government has no business being in a business that can be run by the private sector. Period. However, we have some Legislators (I now refer to them as “The Golden Hill Five”) who believe that the County should not only continue to run a nursing home, but that we should spend and borrow upwards of $80 to $100 million to make that happen. All for 280 beds. There is no way that taking on this kind of debt or even half that amount will not increase our taxes. And anyone who believes that we will receive an influx of cash from the State to help fund this project, given the financial times we’re in, is a fool.

I am a Republican because I support limited and smaller government, and certainly less and fewer taxes. It seems that the GOB are always fighting me, working behind the scenes going out of their way to make me look bad, diminish my authority or make my efforts fail. When five out of eighteen Republican legislators support continuing a County Run nursing home, more debt and more spending, we, as a Party, have a serious problem. The Golden Hill dilemma is a serious issue for me. I suppose I have come to realize that I am wasting my time working to support a Party that clearly does not share the same principles and values as I do. When a former County Republican Chairman speaks at the Republican Caucus on 4/12/11 and promotes the idea of continuing a county run nursing home, we have a problem. When five of our Republican legislators want to vote in favor of building a new nursing home, spending money we don’t have and imminently raising taxes, we have a problem. I have worked very hard to support Republican Party principles, which is what I thought we were all working toward, but clearly that’s not the case.

I support Robin’s position on Golden Hill, and equally stand in utter amazement and confusion by the handful of Republican legislatures who will not face fiscal reality and support fiscal sanity, but instead intend to support the continuation of Golden Hill as a government function, and vote to enable spending that will potentially increase your county property tax bill from 30-40%.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Robin as she is unleashed from her GOP shackles.

Below is a message that I’ve been asked to pass along to anyone in the 26th Congressional district.  This race has major implications for us going forward, as there are those who will try to use the tea party movement to falsely propel themselves into races in order to divide and conquer the right and thus ensure the victory for the left.

An Important Message from TEA NY and Rus Thompson
”The National TEA Party Express is coming to Buffalo and Rochester Monday the 16th of May to stand beside TEA New York, Primary Challenge and Carl Paladino to endorse Jane Corwin in the 26th Congressional race.” Read entire post here. It’s very important that you drop what you’re doing, and hightail it over there! We need as many people come as can make it, as this gathering may be included in a YouTube video or commercial.

  • Buffalo/Amherst Location 2 PM:
Speakers Carl Paladino former candidate for Governor Rus Thompson, former Paladino and and TEANewYork Representative Leonard Roberto, founder of Primary Challenge
along with TEA Party Express representatives. Island Park in Williamsville, NY, behind Town Hall 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221 Get directions to the park.
  • Rochester/Greece location 10 AM:
ROTARY LODGE, GREECE CANAL PARK -Speakers to be arranged. Greece Canal Park is located in the western portion of the county in the Town of Greece, south of Route 104 (Ridge Road), north of the NYS Barge Canal. Enter the park at 241 Elmgrove Road. Get driving directions to the park.

We’ve been having difficulty getting the local media to cover the Jack Davis Deception and our endorsement of Jane Corwin for the 26th CD, no doubt because a Jack Davis 3rd party split could very well hand the seat to Kathy Hochul, who, though a very good Erie County Clerk, has proven she will be a Higgins/Slaughter clone in Congress. Couple that with a band of men who have been royally screwed by the Erie County Republicans, who know Davis can’t win, but are willing to hand the seat to Hochul to send a strong message, and you have a recipe for disaster. We have an opportunity to elect a true Conservative to Congress, who has pledged to caucus with the Tea Party, and this hill, in many people’s opinion, is too valuable to sacrifice in exchange for what will likely amount to little more than a small dent in the ECGOP’s rusty armor. We imagine if we were to hash out a Conservative Rating for Jane, she might get a 90-95%, with a full 5 or 10% deducted for her stand on 1st trimester abortions. Yet she favors de-funding Planned Parenthood and colossally failed Embryonic Stem-cell Research, opposes the federal funding of abortions, and would vote to ban partial-birth abortions, NONE of which is shared by her opponents. Many other reform groups and organizations recognize her strong Conservative positions, including but not limited to FreedomWorks, the Tea Party Express, One Nation PAC, American Crossroads, Patriotic Veterans, 60 Plus, and a national group of military veterans including Allen West of Florida. This race has much greater implications than some people realize. This goes far beyond a local pissing contest. If Kathy Hochul wins this race, this will be seen on the national level as a major defeat for the Tea Party, and it will only energize the National Democrats for the 2012 Elections. Again, many groups, their representatives or their affiliates will be assembling on Monday. It’s imperative that you try and make time to be there, in Buffalo or Rochester.

Candidates can slap any label they want to on themselves.  We see this all the time when supposedly Republican candidates are really RINO – Republican In Name Only – and then vote with the left every time.  The parties, all of them, need to vet candidates by their actions and deeds, not just by the label or party affiliation behind their name.

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