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Never saw a law they didn’t like

May 6, 2011

Supervisor Joe Katz reported on complaints about a party at 2 Forest Glen Road(south side of the intersection of 208 and Forest Glen road) on Saturday night 4/30/11. Neighbors complained of about the noise and  police found while it was a large gathering it did not violate the town’s mass gathering law as there were less then 500 people present. The event had been advertised on the internet and a number of bands were present but there was no violation other then parking. The town board will look into what legislation is needed.

The above is from notes about a recent town board meeting. This is exactly the kind of garbage that we need to start fighting back about.  Just because one house had one loud party, that other then parking violation was in no way illegal, people like Fosters have to call out the Town supervisor, State Police, Fire Department, and Zoning officer (they forgot Vinnie the dog catcher) who they probably have all on speed dial, and practically claim a state of emergency.  Now wimp in chief, Joe Katz, actually is thinking about creating NEW LEGISLATION against God knows what – making noise and having a good time?

Instead of getting all knee jerk and “looking into legislation”, why don’t people like Fosters and other neighbors just do the right thing?  They can walk over or call and talk to the people who had the party, and Work something out….WITHOUT GETTING THE GOVERNMENT INVOLVED!  We need to start putting our foots down about government intervention in every little aspect of our lives!  This is how we got in the mess we are in right now!

I can tell you right now, because of zoning and such, we have a very sad situation on S. Mountain with the likes of Shebar and Bernetta Calderone who have become self appointed zoning police for the entire neighborhood,…and either “reporting” or actively sueing half the people on the road.  It’s become what Nazi Germany must have been like up here.

All zoning and unecessary legislation does it pit people against each other, and increase the government’s reach.  Someone should think about standing up against stupid knee jerk reaction like this in town hall.

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