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You can’t be serious – the “Middle Class Task Force”

May 1, 2011

Civil rights, economic and social justice, the rights of workers to bargain collectively…the air here at the White House was thick with these sentiments today.

Ok, I really did read these words on the website, on something called “The Middle Class Task Force” blog.  In case you didn’t know, and I didn’t until today so mea culpa, this “middle class task force” is a product of the so-called Recovery Act, and headed up by none other than “I never open my mouth without screwing up” Joe Biden.  The quote above was in reference to a meeting with the president of 8 (all of them black, but you would not know that unless you see the photo) surviving members of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike.

Yes, you heard me.  The 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike.  I guess this is supposed to be a burning memory in our brains, and the surviving strikers should be all “heroes” of the “middle class” who deserve to meet and greet in the oval office, and generally take up some of the leader of the free worlds’ time, outside of his golf game, while the Middle East is imploding, the American Economy is at the brink of ruin from which we will never recover, and we are fighting 2 (oh sorry, make that 3) wars that we don’t have the will to actually win?

So, civil rights (I thought we took care of that, as the left is always taking credit for), economic and social justice (another way to say “wealth distribution” from anyone who has ever earned and saved in their lives to those who simply suck off the tit of government largess) and ‘rights’ of workers to bargain collectively (I’m pouring through my Constitution and simply cannot find that “right” listed anywhere!” are at the top of the president’s to-do list last week.

I’d laugh but it’s not funny….it’s real.  I could dig more and come up with more lunacy from, but I just finished breakfast and don’t want to lose it.

I found a great new tool that is available both at as well as (John Birch Society) where you can send electronic email messages on a multitude of important topics directly to all of the pertinent elected officials.  They are pre written messages, that allow you to add and edit your own personal touches, and it’s quick and easy. Why let the progressives have all the fun, why not harass your elected officials yourself ?

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