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Energy Independence for America

March 20, 2011

For years now we’ve been hearing from our government how important it is for America to be energy independent.  This would put us in a position of strength on many levels, and would keep us from being dependent for oil and other resources from those in the world that hate us, as well as ensure steady supplies at reasonable prices for our businesses and citizens.  America could no longer be held hostage by oil terrorists.
America is blessed to be one of the most plentiful countries on earth in terms of natural resources.  I happen to think that this is not an accident, but that it is providential that the country destined to be the leading light of liberty and freedom across the globe would also be enriched with the necessary tools and treasures.  Not only do we have the natural resources of the land, but also we are blessed with brilliant entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers who will come up with ways to maximize the use of these natural resources.
However, rather than allow these resources and people unfettered freedom to devise ways for us to have energy that is safe, efficient, and affordable, our government continues to throw roadblocks out to do just the opposite.  Politicians make promises for energy independence, and then allow bureaucracies and regulators to erect never ending roadblocks to that end, using the “precautionary principle” that somehow something, somewhere, will always go wrong.  These are the arguments they drag out after every incident – no drilling after the BP spill, no nuclear now because of Japan.
Enough is enough.  The time is NOW for the American people to demand that we be able to tap into our plentiful resources to benefit our country and people….whether it’s drilling for oil in the remote corners of ANWAR, or drilling for natural gas in the hills of western New York and Pennsylvania.  We can do this in very safe and effective ways and give America a new type of freedom – freedom to prosper with our OWN plentiful and affordable energy resources.
Above is the summary of the Energy Roadmap bill introduced into congress by Paul Ryan and others that sets a clear and decisive path for America to become energy  independent.  The time is now, the place is here.
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  1. Mrs. Jane L. Koch permalink
    June 18, 2011 3:39 pm

    The only way we can get the attention of these “CAREER POLITICIAN’S” to listen to “WE THE PEOPLE” is to demand to have “TERM LIMITS” required for the house and senate. See computor on: US TERM LIMITS, by Dan Greenberg, August 10, 1994.

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