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3-11 About Town

March 13, 2011

If you missed the Gardiner Town Board meeting this week, attached is a recap, again thanks to Jack Habersberger.   Two items of note – the library “annual report”, which just served as a sharp stick-in-the-eye reminder that the library trustees pulled a humongous fast one on the townsfolk a few years ago by sticking $50K/year of mortgage debt service – totaling over $1,000,000 – payable by your and my taxes, into their budget, while the building and land are NOT owned by the town, but by the Library Trustees.  I guess they weren’t lying but just kidding when they promised people that not a dime of tax money would be used for the building when they were fundraising.
The second item of note is that the Aquafer Overlay district law is being developed to add more overbearing restrictions on development in Gardiner, and the ECC wants more money for a lawyer to come to town and make a presentation explaining the law to us!  Apparently, it’s too complex for simple minded townsfolk and town board members to comprehend.  However, the law must be very popular – as the consultant, Russell Urban-Mead of Chazen Companies has a nifty template that you can find on the web ( – where a fictional town called Town of Waterworld’s law lives, and the template has the “fill-in-the-blank” areas already highlighted in yellow to make it easy for him to just plop the town name and law number in.  Probably takes all of 5 minutes.  Do you smell scam?  Gardiner Town Board, hold tight on to (y)our $$$ – especially if David Strauss is anywhere nearby.
Congratulations to Governor Wilson in Wisconsin for standing up for what needed to be done in the state.  Despite the violence and hate spewed by demonstrators at the state capitol, Wilson did not strip all public workers bargaining rights, but wanted to have the unions, not the state, handle union dues, and also assure that unions held annual elections that accurately reflected workers wishes.  The Governor needs to make tough decisions in order to get the state back to fiscal solvency. Lets hope that our Mr. Cuomo shows as much courage but we’re not holding our breath.
GardinersRight was also truly saddened at the continued show of weakness from the Obama White House in regards to events in the Middle East.  It is deplorable when our foreign policy is “Hem and Haw”.  I guess our so called leadership needs to check with the international community to see if we can show any exceptionalism this week, but he’s probably too busy smoking and playing basketball.
Also, a couple of action items regarding the upcoming vote next week on the Continuing Resolution:

-Call your representative and ask them if they plan to sign the letter issued by Reps. King and Bachmann. Urge them to pledge to vote “NO” on the next CR unless it contains a provision to defund Obamacare of the billions that were secretly and fraudulently appropriated by the old Democratic Congress. If this is not done now, this funding will be self-perpetuating into the future. Tell them to WAIVE THE RULES and include this defunding provision in the CR.

-Then, place a second call to the Speaker’s Office and urge Speaker Boehner to honor the will of the voters (who gave him a Republican majority and the Speaker’s Office) by including a provision to rescind the $105 billion with which Obamacare has already saddled the American Taxpayer. Speaker Boehner’s telephone number is (202) 225-6205  You can also email him by going to

NOTE: Boehner is putting out a statement saying that he won’t “break the rules” by including this defunding provision in the next CR. What he fails to mention is that they have waived the rules for OTHER issues and that they set their own rules! When you call, be polite but firm, and let him know what you expect out of this Republican majority.
Upcoming dates of importance:

–       March 23 – Constitution Study Group – 7 pm Gardiner Town Hall – read 5000 Year Leap principles 4, 5, 6.

–       April 15 – 5 pm – 3rd Tax Day Tea Party – Gardiner Hamlet and Rail Trail  –

See you all in town.
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