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Romper Room Mentality in Town Hall

March 6, 2011

At last weeks Gardiner Town Board meeting, a resolution was on the agenda to support the American Farmland Trust and its funding with our tax dollars.  The objective for the land trust is to garner as many town’s support as possible in order to go to the counties and state to get taxpayer funding, which I do not and never will support.  The support resolution also gives the land trust a green light to stick it’s nose into town business and inject it’s agenda on any land use issues that come up in the town.

The adults in the room, Rich Koenig and Carmine Mele, did not feel (and rightly so) that the town should be entertaining such resolutions for American Farmland Trust or any other land trust.  In her whiney plea to get them to vote “yes” town councilwoman Nadine Lemmon  actually stated as a positive that this would support the “pots of money up in Albany” where Gardiner and other towns regularly feed at the grant trough.

(Sounds of a needle being dragged across a moving record.)

Pots of money?  Does she also see leprechauns guarding these “pots of money” and envision large spigots with huge gold coins endlessly falling out on the piles?  (oh, right, that’s the Treasury Dept’s gig).  Apparently, Ms. Lemmon, along with the other naifs Katz and Wiegand didn’t get the recent memo from Governor Guomo and the taxpayers about cutting this spigot off as the states are drowning in red ink! So they voted three to two in favor of support for tax funded money piles going to the likes of American Farmland Trust.


“Pots of money” in Albany, according to Lemmon.


But wait, the Romper Room shenanigans were just beginning.  Ms Lemmon then threw a snit-fit because the vote of support wasn’t 5-0!  and she continued in a pretty-please, whiney way to try and change Mele and Koenigs minds.  If I judge her correctly, she’s still probably calling and emailing them both, pleading for her way!

On a serious note, it’s very disturbing that in these economic times, where there is unprecedented job loss, high gas and energy prices, inflation at the grocery store (apparently no one in DC buys food or gas),  there are still elected officials who don’t get it.  They believe that the counties, towns, states,……are endless supplies of funding for their liberal agendas. I believe that there are the simply devious, who think that they can out maneuver the people…and then the truly stupid, who through either blind ideaology or being in office too long……that they can somehow stick their fingers in their ears to taxpayer and citizen pleading and that it will simply go away in time.  These politicians will get their due in the end.  After all, no one can outsmart the leprechauns.

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  1. March 6, 2011 2:01 pm

    Well said Pam. I am also tired of the endless “pot O’gold” for every agenda that the politicos send our way. As a retiree I find it amazing that the cost of all our basic necessities are sky rocketing in price and they continue to tell us there is no inflation and there for no raise in social security. Our own TB is also considering “working” around the Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to cut spending. Enough is enough !!!!

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