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Civic Duty and the Egyptian Tea Party movement

February 12, 2011

While it may still seem a long time away, the local elections in November will be on us before you know it.  This year, towns and localities will be electing supervisors, town boards, highway superintendents, etc.  Since the most important layer of government and the one affecting us all the most is the local one, it’s time to start looking around you to spots leaders in your rank.   It may be a family member, friend, boss…..or even yourself.  Civic duty is the responsibility of all of us. So if you’re tired of simply complaining about it, why not start doing something about.? If anyone thinks they’d like to jump into elected office but isn’t sure how to start, contact me at GardinersRight and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

GardinersRight  has officially announced the 3rd April 15 Tax Day Tea Party at the Rail Trail and 44/55 in Gardiner Hamlet.  We’ll start at 5 pm.  Bring your own hand made sign (my favorite is above) and make your voice heard.

Speaking of making your voices heard, hearty congratulations to the Egyptian tea party movement, who after many decades of living under brutal tyranny,  have now made their voices heard in peaceful protest.   Liberty beats tyranny and suffering any day, even at the risk of having some unstable times ahead.  The Egyptian people simply want what all humans want….a chance to create a success through opportunity,  freedom to speak without fear of reprise, and protection of their hard earned properties for them and their families.  While they have effectively removed a dictator, now is when the hard part comes of putting a democracy in place.    Liberty comes from natural rights, which are given by the Creator, and enforce that all men are created equal…no matter what country they are born in.  Please join me in helping to support the people of Egypt at the birth of their new democracy and in hoping that this may be the beginning of a domino effect throughout the Middle East.

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  1. tanya permalink
    June 10, 2011 4:29 pm

    This is in response to Pam ODells take on the cupcake festival…..For one you do not speak for everyone who lives in Gardiner, nor do you have a clue of the hard work, and energy it takes to put the cupcake festival together… the way you alsp have no clue where the money goes…or how many volunteers put in there own time to make it a success. As in any event such as the festival mistakes are made, the weather is something we do not control…..people still came and enjoyed it very much and those who did not will maybe not come again..but Miss ODonnel that is free choice and every individuals to make not yours…I say if you don’t like the cupcake festival make arrangements to be on vacation that day and stop judging things you know nothing about……and as a republican you have embarresed the tea party and what it stands for with your comments, I am a republican and will urge all not to vote for you ….

  2. June 10, 2011 4:42 pm

    Thanks for your comment. First, if it was in response to the cupcake festival blog, then maybe you should have responded there. But, no matter. If you took the time to actually read my blog, I stated that I have nothing against the Cupcake Festival itself. Also,I commended the organizers for their ability to capitalize on having the main state highway go smack dab in the middle of the hamlet, and also for the foresight to have the highway closed down, as it guaranteed them a “captive” audience, so to speak.

    Next, I know quite a bit about the Cupcake Festival and the organizer. My complaint is against the willfull destruction by the event organizers of public property…..mainly drilling holes in a state highway, and destroying the town ball field by parking cars there after such heavy rain.

    Lastly, my comments have nothing to do with either being Republican or a member of the tea party movement. Since I’m not running for any office, I guess your lost vote won’t matter.

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