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The Reagan Legacy

February 6, 2011

On this, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth, we have never seen a time in our history when we could use a leader just like him so much!  Our country is drowning in debt despite America’s huge potential for prosperity.  All powerful government regulation by czars and bureaucrats stifle our creativity, productivity and liberty.  Our  families and mores are overwhelmed  by decadence, drug use and violence that’s become the norm.  Government handouts and welfare are turning potentially productive people into slaves and victims of the government “nanny state”.  We can use a Reaganite leader who, like Ron, believed in American exceptionalism, the strength of free markets,  getting government out of the way, so that the people, not the government, can shine, prosper, and be the leading light in the world.

Ronald Reagan was a conservative in every sense of the word – fiscal, social, and in foriegn policy.  So, in an era of great conservatives like William Buckley and Milton Freidman, what was it that made Ronald Reagan so special?  First, Reagan was a populist who, instead of dealing in elitist theories about the economy or foriegn policy,  talked to the people in their own every-day common sense terms, explaining why the actions and policies he touted were good for the people, not the government. He felt that when the people were left to their own devices and were allowed to create and prosper, the government would follow….not the other way around.  But most important, Reagan truly believed in natural law, where people are endowed with unalienable rights from their Creator, and in a world where all men are created equal and should have government only by the consent of the people.  This is why Reagan’s voice was so loud and clear across the globe that all people have these rights and yearn for liberty.  Today, we have a president who shuns our allies and tries to placate evil dictators and murderous rulers, all in the name of “stability” over true liberty for the people.  Reagan would not have stood with these devils for one second, but would have been the first and loudest to support people who want what we all want – a chance to earn a living, raise a family, and express themselves without fear – just like he did in 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate when he implored

“Mr. Gorbachav, tear down this wall!”

Today is the day we need we could use Ronald Reagan more than ever.  His legacy and his greatness will live on to inspire a true conservative movement that will not be stifled, but that will continue to thrive and grow within the individuals who make up the tea party movement.   Long live Ronald Reagan in the hearts and minds of Americans and people everywhere.

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